1000 Pitches
Our annual two-month long pitch competition that empowers students across campus to realize their innovative potential.
Arts, Grooves, and Foods
An art, music, and culinary festival that celebrates the intersection of entrepreneurship and creativity.
Project Launch
Building local high school students into leaders of the future by connecting them with USC student mentors.
Entrepreneurship, innovation, and taking the road less travelled in Silicon Beach.
Discovering awesome Los Angeles and San Francisco companies.
Startup Career Fair
Connecting USC's top talent with LA's hottest startups.
ITP 499: From Ideas to Impact
The first student-led class at USC, focusing on learning how to make an impact in your community.
Venture Studios
Guiding early stage startups through their infancy with pro bono consulting.
Design Jams
Small-group design thinking exercises that promote entrepreneurial thinking.
TechLA Fellows
A one-of-a-kind fellowship program centered on the Los Angeles startup ecosystem.
USC Hackers
Building the computer science community at USC.