Start of Initiatives


The Spark board evaluates a new initiative collectively. We ask: Is this true to Spark’s mission? What void in the entrepreneurial community is this filing?


Once the board agrees to tackle the initiative, the Spark member who proposed the idea gets to work. They lead the initiative and bring on four to six other members to form a committee.


The committee meets every week, working to bring its mission to life. From marketing and branding to gathering support from companies and USC, the team develops the initial idea with help from a few cups of coffee and passionate big picture discussions.


When preparation is complete, we execute the event, program, or idea! After celebrating its success (and reflecting upon its missteps), we evaluate the committee’s impact and decides whether it should continue or not. If so, a new lead takes on the initiative the following semester, ready to make the next iteration even better.

Behind the scenes


Our graphics team develops engaging brands for our committees and updates the visuals of Spark SC as we evolve as an organization.


Our communications committee handles how we share our story as an organization to the community through our social media and more.


We have people who make sure we have enough funding to keep our committees running, getting in touch with organizations who are interested in sponsorship and apply for funding from USC.

Core Team

Core is a team of five members who who take on the management of the organization. They tackle recruitment, support member growth, oversee committee success, and shape Spark SC’s future.