Why we do it

How we measure our impact

We use metrics to see how our initiatives are doing. We look at the number of people we are impacting, in terms of attendance at events and program members, but more deeply, we look at how much of an impact we are making on any individual.

We want each person who leaves our events or programs to gain a renewed energy to pursue a passion project or an interest in the entrepreneurial community.

In numbers

Every fall, we collect over 1,000 pitches from students on campus in a single semester.

In Fall 2017, 40 women made projects at Break To Make’s all-women inaugural makeathon.

Every summer, Tech.LA Fellows gives 15 highly motivated students in design, engineering, and business a summer internship with an LA startup.

Founding Story

In early February of 2014, a group of student leaders came together to build a supportive entrepreneurial community at USC. Spark SC formed to ignite and unite this community at USC and connect it to the greater startup ecosystem in Los Angeles. Ever since its beginnings, Spark SC has been working to unite and empower the entrepreneurial community.

First 1000 Pitches
Startup Career Fair 2014
The Original Spark SC
Launch of Hack Nights