What is 1000 Pitches?

What is 1000 Pitches?

What is this committee?

One Thousand Pitches (also known as 1KP) is a semester-long pitch competition where we (actually!) collect a thousand pitches from USC students and community members. We give all students the ability to participate for the chance to win seed money.


Why does it matter?

  • Unlike any other pitch competition run on campus before, this one has the strongest ability to foster entrepreneurial thought within communities of all backgrounds and interests. We’re trying to break down the high barriers to entry for those who may have good, unique ideas but lack the resources or relationship with traditional business to typically pitch.

Link to Mission:

  • We inspire a culture of innovation by prompting students on campus to think about the challenges their communities face, as well as enabling them to design solutions.
  • We expose students to their creative potential by fostering a platform to share ideas that can generate real impact and giving them resources to grow them to their potential.
  • We connect makers across diverse communities by showcasing all the pitches from different backgrounds and skillsets.

What will you do and learn as part of the committee?

Join this committee if you're interested in learning about:

  • Project Management, Venture Funding, Marketing, Brand Partnerships
  • Building directly toward our mission for a community and market strategy
  • Designing marketing materials and creating a brand around a vision
  • Running micro and macro scale events with Pitch days and Award Ceremonies
  • Thinking creatively by designing the competition system and framework
  • Learning sales through cold calling strangers, creating sponsorship brackets, decks