What is Startup Career Fair?

What is Startup Career Fair?

Spark SC's Flagship Event!

This Spark initiative works to bring in 25+ startups to recruit and connect with USC students for internship and full-time career opportunities.



To empower USC students to explore impactful internship opportunities at startups across diverse industries.

SCF is an opportunity for students in all areas to get recruited by LA's best startups. It is a great way for students to expand their entrepreneurial network, and have the chance to work for a small company where they can have a large impact.


Committee Tasks:

Join Startup Career Fair if you have a lot of hustle and want to learn about:

  • Emailing, cold calling, and getting in touch with startups!
  • Marketing strategy for getting companies and students
  • Event planning & Logistics
  • Financial management and Sponsorship
  • Graphic design & Content creation
  • Ideation and improving existing processes


Committee Notes From Previous Years

SCF Spring 2019:

Maya and Riley here! Guess what? We did it again! SCF Spring 2019 had over 50 companies in attendance, 1000 students over the course of the day, and profited about $11K for Spark. We held the event in McCarthy Quad, partnered with the Lloyd Greif Center for Entreprenuerial Studies / Blackstone, and had Bob Clifford at Liquid Venture Partners as our $5K naming sponsor. And, just for fun, we had food and beverage sponsors including The Fields LA, LaCroix, Coca Cola, and Everytable in attendance. Below are the answers to our Spring 2019 Post-Mortem Questions:

  • What did we do?

Put on the most bad*ss of career fairs, as described above.

  • What went well this semester? What were your win's? Did you try anything new?

The number of companies we brought to the fair was a record high. Additionally, we introduced the concept of food and beverage sponsors to lighten the mood and create a career fair that students of all grade levels would be excited to attend. Bringing a naming sponsor to the table was also a great move for increasing profits dramatically, and a gateway to more innovative fundraising strategies in the future. Also, notably, we got all of the companies cards and gift at the end of the fair to try to increase retention and loyalty for coming semesters! Fall 2019 will have to assess how well this strategy worked...

  • What did the committee struggle with? What were the unexpected roadblocks? Advice for the next team?

Timing and work delegation was pretty great leading up to the fair, but the day itself was incredibly hectic! Next time, we for sure need a larger group of Spark volunteers working the event, and a very detailed "day-of" game plan to make sure things are running smoothly...

  • Are there any specific resources, relationships, or documents you want to share to the next lead? Anything to make it easier for them?

Make sure to use all of the materials we created this semester for the semesters following! Don't make extra work for yourself. Here is the folder we used with all of the super important spreadsheets with contacts, documents, templates, and meeting notes for Fall SCF 2019. Any other questions, please ask @Maya Fine or @Riley McDonnell.

SCF Fall 2018:

Hey guys, it's ! SCF Fall 2018 was probably our best and biggest yet! We booked Alumni Park in the center of campus, rebranded all of the assets, and had a line of over 100 people at the start. 😱

For Next Time 👉🏼

  • More marketing to undergrads
  • More marketing in general
  • Logistics to the companies sooner
  • Examples of what the setup will be like
  • Release roles hiring for through external service (usc.startuptree.co)
  • Outreach through LinkedIn
  • Flyers
  • More companies
  • McCarthy Quad (already locked in!)