Hi! My name is Abigail Africa, but I respond to Beez.

Honestly, the last four years have been incredible, challenging, and unpredictable, many thanks to Spark.

I've been somewhat involved with most of the committees we've had by nature of Core Team and of joining my freshman fall—but I've spent the most time working on Spark's internal efforts: writing, communications, graphics, fellowship, etc.

I took a gap year during what was supposed to be my senior year in quarantine, so I'm here for my fifth year in Spark.

In the last four years, I've learned a lot, but the primary lesson is that you can make anything you want to, as long as you've got the right people around you, know how to ask for things, listen to your gut, and are willing to break a sweat.

I spent my first three years in college exploring LA after dark, sewing bags to hold odd objects, painting electric skateboards, moderating panels, hosting a dinner series, getting jobs in places I shouldn't have, pitching a TV show, selling slide decks, designing high school curriculum, writing increasingly seriously, growing user bases at tech companies, huffing burritos, and learning what I care about (unsurprisingly: not growing user bases at tech companies).

I care about ideas, communication, words, colors, the relationship between justice and education, and culture. I like well-designed practical-use objects, razor scooters, leather pants, high heels, big hoodies, tattoos, books, hiking, online shopping, film photography, and blogs. I really like blogs. If you write anything, send it my way! (Here's mine.)

I also have a newsletter, but you should read it and decide whether or not you like it before signing up.

Hope to see you around campus—don't hesitate to say hello.