Our mission & initiatives

Our mission is to foster entrepreneurial thought and action across communities of all backgrounds at USC. Our vision for USC is really simple: anyone with an idea should have the resources and support to make it a reality.

Our mission is paramount. It's the first thing we consider when starting new initiatives and the thing that we dedicate ourselves to when the work gets challenging. It's why we exist—in fact, you can read more about how Spark got its start in 2015.

Our initiatives & committees

Our initiatives vary from semester to semester, depending on our evaluation of student needs and our capacity to create committees (our word for teams) for different initiatives.

Spring 2022 Initiatives

For a deep-dive on all of our initiatives, read the full blog post.

1000 Pitches


1000 Pitches has a goal of promoting creativity and problem-solving to the diverse students at USC. We believe that everyone can be entrepreneur and it all starts with an idea. Learn more

Arts, Grooves, & Foods


Arts, Grooves and Foods is a student run music and art festival dedicated to uplifting the voices of USC and LA-based artists, while raising funds to give back our surrounding community. Learn more



Spark’s communications committee is the center of internal content creation; from witty tiktoks to compelling blog posts, we’ll be producing content that not only showcases Spark’s internal voices, but also inspires ideation within and beyond the Spark community. Learn more



Spark’s DEI committee works provide equal access to Spark by ensuring that our membership is diverse and representative, our culture is inclusive, and our initiatives reflect our mission. Learn more



Spark’s graphics committee operates as Spark’s in-house creative studio — we create content to support all of our committees and build out innovative design projects to foster entrepreneurship at USC. Learn more

Project Launch


Through Project Launch, Spark spreads entrepreneurial spirit and creative problem-solving skills to local high schoolers. Learn more



Sparkmarket’s mission is to inspire entrepreneurship at USC through a flea market event and website showcasing USC students’ side hustles/businesses to the larger LA/USC community. Learn more

Startup Career Fair


Startup Career Fair is a fully student-run career fair that brings together the best startups in Los Angeles. We aim to show startups how much USC students can achieve for them, and to give students an opportunity to reach new heights. Learn more

Past initiatives