What do we do & why: Fall ‘23

What do we do & why: Fall ‘23

Spark aims to inspire entrepreneurial-thinking and action across communities of all backgrounds at USC & beyond. The vision is really simple: anyone with an idea should have the resources and support to make it a reality. This is what entrepreneurship means to us.

This mission is the first thing we consider when starting new committees and the thing that we dedicate ourselves to when the work gets challenging. Spark’s initiatives vary from semester to semester, depending on our evaluation of student needs and our capacity to create committees (our word for teams). It's why we exist—in fact, you can read more about how Spark got its start in 2015.

Fall 2023 Committees

For a deep-dive on all of our initiatives, stay tuned for an upcoming blog post!

1000 Pitches

1KP is a semester-long pitch competition where we collect a thousand pitches from USC students and LA community members. We give all students the ability to participate in USC’s largest pitch competition for the chance to win seed money! Learn more about 1000 Pitches


Founders is an initiative that connects notable founders, creators, and makers with highly motivated USC students interested in entrepreneurship. Learn more about Founders

Arts, Grooves, & Foods

Arts, Grooves, and Foods is a student-run music and art festival dedicated to uplifting the voices of USC and LA-based artists while raising funds to give back to our surrounding community.

Startup Career Fair

A fully student-run career fair that brings up & coming startups to USC’s campus for ambitious students to networking, discuss career opportunities, and create new ones. Learn more about SCF.

Spark XM

Spark’s external podcast where we chat with, and celebrate the stories of, high-impact entrepreneurs to inspire the next ones to come!

Spark Partner:

Trojan MarketPlace

Once a Spark committee, Trojan MarketPlace(@trojanmarketplace) is now a blooming and independent student organization aimed at highlighting entrepreneurship at USC by running a flea market event for local and student-ran small businesses. Learn more

A Look Into Our Past Initiatives

As mentioned previously, Spark goes through cycles of running different committees every year. Below is a list of just a handful of intiatives we’ve run over across the 10 years of Spark’s existence!

(We have over 30+ past committees)