The team interview


What happens after you sign up for the team interview?

The last step in our process is to see how you do as a teammate and collaborator, so you'll do the last round in a team of other applicants. The emphasis here is on teamwork, not competition: this is your opportunity to showcase your ability to think critically and work with others.

Team interview decisions No one is allowed to discuss applicants that they have worked with closely or know personally unless there is a major cause for concern around Spark's Code of Conduct. Deliberators who know applicants personally may leave the room while deliberating on their friends/past teammates. After that final round is over, you'll hear back about your results within a day.

Here are the criteria we look for – different from the criteria we're looking for in other rounds, but after this round, we look at your application and both interviews holistically.

Collaboration & supportiveness

  • Does this person encourage potential in people and explore new ideas of inquiry (i.e. gets people who haven't spoken up to share their thoughts?
  • Does this person strive to create a harmonious and positive team atmosphere and reach consensus?
  • Does this person moderate team discussion, keep the group on task and distribute work?
  • Does this person take notes summarizing team discussion and decisions?
  • Does this person keep the group aware of time constraints and deadlines?

Valuable contributions

  • Does this person use creativity and contribute new and alternative perspectives and ideas?
  • Does this person raise counter-arguments and (constructive) objections, and introduces alternative explanations and solutions?
  • Does this person make sure the group focuses on the most important issues and not get caught up in details?